Our Story........ So Far

Back in 2018 a burden was placed on our hearts for a gospel witness to exist in the Heartlands area which sits between the towns of Camborne & Redruth in Cornwall. Much work has been done to the area with regards to regeneration with hundreds of new house being built. Following a season of praying, seeking the Lord and speaking to other church leaders we decided to move forward with planting in the Heartlands area. For lots of reasons we were not in a position to establish a gathering before COVID and due to restrictions that existed around COVID we had a time of waiting which gave us the opportunity to continue to sow vision and gather those who have expressed an interest in being involved.

During the lockdown period we took multiple opportunities for open air outreach and prayer walking which gave us the chance to meet lots of people from the local area..

How it all started...

September 19th 2021

On September 19th 2021 we had our very first in person gathering which saw 25 people coming to hear all about the vision that God had placed on our hearts for a gospel community to exist in the Heartlands community.

At this time we were meeting in the Red River Cafe every other Sunday afternoon until March 2022 when we started meeting every week. We have been actively getting involved with the local community with different things from litter picks to giving out cold water and ice lollies to families during the warmer months.

Towards the end of 2022 we were in a position to be able to start children's church and we also started a monthly outreach event aimed at families called Wave Makers. This has been a great way to engage with the local community and most importantly communicate the truth of the gospel to those who come.

It has been an exciting 16 months with some new families joining us, the growth is slow but steady. As we look to the future we are excited about further potential yet to be explored for us to engage with the local community with the good news of the gospel.